2016 Sleek Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern White Bathroom - Bathroom Remodel RamonaIf your bathroom is lagging behind the rest of your home in terms of design and functionality, it is probably time to do something about it. Traditional bathrooms are usually a dull affair, pretty functional and not too aesthetically pleasing.

Well, this text is going to prove to you that you can have a functional bathroom, which is sleek and fashionable at the same time. These new ideas will make you want to do a bathroom remodel at your Ramona home ASAP.

Modern bathrooms have a simplistic and clean design. Geometric shapes and straight lines emphasize the simplicity. As we already associate bathrooms with cleanliness, the leap is not difficult to make. Think about it, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, but we seldom think about it. Why not make the time spent there as enjoyable as possible, and create an oasis of relaxation for yourself?

Staples of modern design

Minimalism and simplicity would best describe it. To have a truly modern design, start with the idea of clutter-free open space. Your shelves need to be somehow incorporated into the design, not added onto it. In-built shelves serve this purpose best. Materials include natural materials such as wood and slate for tiling, and ceramics, glass and metal for everything else. Color patterns are usually simple, single color, or a combination of no more than two. Preferred shades are grey, black and white, but other tones can be incorporated as well.

Bathtubs and showers

If you plan to have a bathtub (and you are strongly advised to have it), consider the so-called freestanding bathtubs. Instead of the traditional oval design, add an edge to your design by using a rectangular design. The new trend is putting it on the pedestal in order to maximize the symmetrical and geometric design of the bathroom.

As for showers, the cumbersome shower cabins are out. The new kid on the block is called the walk-in shower. These sleek (usually) glass shower spaces do not disrupt the stylistic flow of your bathroom, as they are as minimalistic as it gets – the door, the showerhead and the drain.


Mirrors and bathrooms go like peanut butter and jelly; however, the choice of the mirror can make or break the style you were going for. You can’t miss if you put a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one of the walls. It makes the space feel bigger, provides you with additional light and just looks amazing. If you are not a fan of the idea, you may choose to add several framed mirrors all over the place, framed in various geometric shapes. Their functionality will not be compromised, and the geometric shapes will incorporate well into the overarching theme of a modern bathroom.


Once you start the process of bathroom remodeling, your best option is probably to go all in, and change everything about the bathroom. For instance, garishly colored towels and soap dispensers are probably best kept out of your new bathroom. Instead, go for the low-key, subtle colors which will incorporate seamlessly into the broader style of your new bathroom. A relatively new idea is to put some greenery into the bathroom, so as to liven up the place, in both the literal and metaphoric sense. Most of us associate plants with relaxation and calm, so adding a few potted plants can be a big plus. Just make sure the pots are in tone with the rest of the bathroom. Oh, and be sure the plants you choose can survive the humid climate of a bathroom.


Final touch of a modern bathroom is the light fixtures. LED lights are in high demand for these kinds of remodels. As well as having central lighting, accent lights are a typical requirement, whether in the shower area or above mirrors, well-placed accent lights can do wonders for the overall feel of the bathroom.

Your bathroom deserves the best possible treatment, so if you are looking to create your own oasis of tranquility, consider the option of a bathroom remodel in Ramona. GGR Remodel is the best remodeling company around. Call our experts today and see for yourself.