2016 Summer Kitchen Remodeling Trends and Ideas

White Kitchen - Kitchen Remodeling EscondidoHome improvement business is an ever changing world of trends, materials, design and colors. That’s what makes it so dynamic and interesting. Doing a kitchen remodeling in Escondido in 2016 can be as easy as consulting the GGR Remodeling company. We have all the latest trends you may want for your kitchen. Before you decide on the particular style or trend, you can read up on it right here.

Here are some prevalent trends for the summer of 2016 in terms of kitchen remodeling.

Color Schemes

Let’s start with the most striking visual cue, the color. The overarching theme of 2016 is definitely soft palette of colors. No strong and garish colors are allowed (save for the detailing purposes). The ever-popular white is still acceptable; however, the off-whites are all the rage this season. Top choices include gray, yellow, blue and green; just make sure they are soft and pastel.

In accordance with the theme, the wood choices for this season are also on the lighter side of the spectrum, with walnut and white oak leading the pack. Whitewashed woods are also in demand. Bright and soft seem to be the keywords for this season.


The trend of using metal surfaces started being relevant last year, with bolder designers incorporating brushed aluminum or brass finishes to smaller details, such as faucets, cabinet knobs, etc. This year, larger metal surfaces are the trend. A particular favorite are range hoods, serving as a bit of a contrast to the neutral and pastel color tones.

Smart up

Just because it is a kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be bursting with technology. This was long time coming, for sure. All other parts of the home got their technology upgrades. The new idea is to have charging stations for your devices right here in the kitchen. Furthermore, many appliances are now available with remote control from your computer or smartphone. The wine cooler can be set to chill the wine from the car on your way home from a date, or a coffee machine to brew a fresh batch for you before work, while you are still in bed.

Kitchen-oriented home

You have probably heard or read this somewhere; the center of the home life is shifting from the so-called living room towards the kitchen. It has been written about in many design publications, and the trend seems to continue this year as well. In accordance with that, kitchens strive to be streamlined with the design of the rest of the house (or vice-versa), using similar color schemes and similar designs.


Many people like a traditional kitchen. And that is fine. But in this modern world, traditional is often seen as a bit over the top. So, the latest trend is looking to reconcile the two extremes. The traditional elements are more than welcome to stay, but the amount of detailing needs to be scaled down.

A typical example of the trend is the so-called Nordic style. It incorporates the sleek, modern minimalist design with some ‘60s patterns. Yet, the style is predominantly modern. Simple and functional should be your guidelines.

Accent lights

Finally, the regular light fixtures of ceiling lights and a lamp or two won’t fly in this modern outlook on kitchens. The market today is just full of various lighting options, that it would be ridiculous to skip them in a kitchen remodel. The LEDs are the go-to source of light. Of particular interest are the LED strips, which can be mounted inside cabinets, above or below them, basically, wherever you want them. Grouping them correctly will give you total control over the mood light in your kitchen.

These are just some suggestions of what is popular this year. At GGR Remodel, we are ready to hear your ideas for remodeling a kitchen in your Escondido home. Contact us for a free estimate now.