Attic Is a Great Storage Place When Done Properly

Attic and basement are always a good storage resort when you need one. Homeowners don’t usually consider the conditions of their attics and basements and whether they are wise places to store things. There are factors like temperature changes and durability that should be taken into account before burying stuff there. Here a few things you should think about to keep your stuff safe and your attic in a good condition.

What is the insulation and ventilation like up there?

Proper and thorough insulation makes sure your home doesn’t lose heat in winter nor gains it in summer. It works as a regulatory barrier between two areas of different temperature. Good quality insulation doesn’t just keep your stored items in order and good shape, it also keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer. GGR Energy + Remodeling specializes in energy-efficient home upgrades and solutions that save your money and our planet. Solutions tailored to every individual home and homeowner can be developed to make the most of the present conditions and to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

Besides insulation, ventilation in your attic is also important. Well-ventilated space doesn’t develop humidity and mold, which safeguards the things you store and the overall health of your home. When moisture is trapped in an area (especially if there are temperature variations), mold and mildew crop up.

Can the attic be accessed easily? Is it safe?

The entry point for your attic should be critically evaluated to make it easy to access, but still safe. Fold up ladders are the most common solution. If you don’t have one installed, you might want to consider it. Adding a railing to it will make it extra safe and it’ll be handy because it doesn’t get in your way.

The storage area in the attic should be near the entry point so that you don’t get into unsafe areas. Making the attic a storage space will require proper flooring. This can be just layers of plywood that will make it easy to get around the space. It’s important to secure the flooring and have its weight endurance tested, so you know how much you can store there.

Can the storage items endure the heat?

If you are thinking of putting things away in your attic, it would be wise to consider how often you’ll be needing them. It’s best to put away seasonal things that you need once or twice a year, such as holiday decorations, outdoor equipment and suitcases, because you don’t have to haul them down every so often. What you shouldn’t keep up there are candles, papers of importance, clothing items made of delicate materials and other similar stuff that could be irreparably damaged in temperature changes. Alternatively, you can decide to keep delicate items in airtight containers, so that humidity and heat cannot harm them.

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