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Tips on Detecting Air Leaks in your Home

Air leaks in your home draw a substantial amount of energy, whether it’s for heating or air-conditioning. Perhaps you are already aware of some air leaks in your home, like doors and/ or windows, but to have your home well sealed, you should detect other, less noticeable leakage. For a really detailed and precise measurement […]

What Should You Consider Before Remodeling?

You know those family meetings round the kitchen table when there’s a big decision to be made? When families discuss remodeling, the questions they most often consider (and fight about?) come down to the color of tiles and suchlike “make-up” changes. But the conversation should go deeper and ask questions that relate to your family’s […]

Green Remodeling in your Bathroom, Kitchen and Utility Room

Energy-efficient homes are here and they are gaining in popularity, as the values of modern life shift toward eco-friendliness. The necessity for clean energy and sustainable living began to hit home as we are witnessing the severe depletion of fossil fuels. Being energy-efficient is not only a contribution to a better future, it is also […]