Do You Want An Energy-Efficient Bathroom?

Do you want to take the hammer to your old bathroom? If you’d like to have a design and energy overhaul in your bathroom, here are some ideas how you can bring those two together. Your new bathroom can be a joy for you, your wallet and the planet – energy-efficient bathrooms are pleasurable to the eye but they also save water and lower utility bills. It’s not a matter of prestige anymore to have an energy-efficient bathroom. With all the droughts and water problems in California, they have become a necessity.

Here are some ideas for an energy-efficient bathroom remodel.


The easiest thing to do is reduce the number of lights in the cabinet. Bathrooms are overly lit very often.

A more demanding solution is to try to incorporate more natural light into the bathroom. You can achieve this by putting in high windows, skylights or a glass brick wall. With the first two options you’ll get more natural ventilation and the opportunity to get rid of steam and hot air quickly. A glass brick wall will allow more light in, without allowing anything to be seen from the outside.

Close the leaks

We get shivery very easily in the bathroom. However, if the bathroom is well-insulated and the air leaks are sealed off, the bathroom won’t require a lot additional heating. It’s advisable to insulate the water pipes, shower walls, around the bathtub (even around the plughole). This move will definitely make your bathroom nice and cozy even on a blustery day.

Water heating

Heating is the top energy drain in the bathroom, next to water. Consider a water heater with many Energy Stars or a tankless water heater. If you choose the traditional one, having it installed next to point of use will minimize the energy loss through pipes.

You could also install solar panels on the roof of the bathroom to heat the water. That could bring your electricity consumption in the bathroom by half.

Count the stars

Saving water in the bathroom makes all the difference. There is a myriad of appliances and fixtures on the market now that save water without inconveniencing you in the least. A low-flow showerhead can lower the consumption in the shower by 40% (without knocking the pressure down) and low-flow faucets save almost 70% of water. Cisterns can have special energy-efficient flushes that allow them to save around 50 liters of water per person every day!


A warm bathroom (we wrote about that in the section about leaks) will make sure the leftover moisture evaporates. Consequently, mold and mildew cannot thrive in such an environment. When the bathroom is too cold, moisture doesn’t go away and eventually it seeps into the paintwork and the walls.

Think about an automatic fan that turns on when you are using the bathroom. Alternatively, ventilate the bathroom for a few minutes in winter. If you install high windows or skylights this should be easy and effective.


To ensure your remodel is a long-term investment, make sure you use solid wood, recycled timber and exterior-grade plywood. Stone, granite and quartz are also good. Take care that the finishes are high-quality, resistant to water and free of VOCs and toxins. Check that grout is also low in toxins.

Bathroom remodel Ramona

If you are considering a bathroom remodel in Ramona or anywhere else in San Diego County and around it, make sure you give GGR Energy + Remodeling a call. We are a design build firm that specializes in energy-efficient remodels tailored to your needs and taste. Call us right away to find out how we can renovate your bathroom in line with your values and make it a place where you replenish your energy every day!