Home Remodel In Poway: Top Improvements That Add Value

Have you been trying to sell your Poway home for some time now? No wonder, since the real estate market has been in a slump. While you are waiting, you might want to consider some home remodel ideas that will allow you to recoup the investment and add resale value to your home. These projects will also make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to your family.

Kitchen remodel in Poway

Is it still the cave genes? Kitchen is still regarded by so many of us as the heart of the home. A kitchen remodel can have 60 to 120% return on investment, but you should be careful not to make the kitchen decidedly fancier than the rest of the house. It’s also important not to go overboard in respect to the neighborhood. For this reason, one should be careful with deluxe updates.

You should consider some make-up changes like repainting. Maybe you could do it with paint that is low-VOC, which is better for the air and the health of your family. A repainting job can go a long way when it comes to making your kitchen look fresher.

A wise investment would be appliances with energy-star rating. Making eco-friendly and energy-efficient upgrades is smart and attractive to potential buyers, because they protect the environment and use less energy, meaning cut down the bills. Here you can find out when it’s the best time to buy kitchen appliances.

Bathroom remodel in Poway

If your home has only one bathroom, making an additional one is your best bet. Some estimates say you can recoup 80 to 130% of what you invest. If you think you don’t have space, think again. Are there any underutilized spaces or closets? What about the area under the stairs? Contact GGR Energy + Remodeling for more home remodel advice when it comes to squeezing in an additional bathroom.

Reinvent a room

Room additions are great, but the problem is it’s difficult to predict costs and they are usually on the high end. It’s not uncommon that the final costs end up twice the estimated home remodel budget. For that reason, you can consider reinventing an existing room and remember that buyers have been found to like versatile rooms.

Here is some food for thought. The basement can be converted into another living room, a game room or a living space for an aging family member. The attic can be turned into a bedroom or a play room for kids. The space over the garage can also be converted into a bedroom or space that you can rent out.

Energy-efficient windows

As we have said, energy-efficiency is highly appreciated these days for obvious reasons. Air leaks can be a significant energy drain, so energy-efficient windows can save you a few hundreds of dollars every year.

Good news is that you can use the benefits of rebates when installing these. Rebates can be available on the state level or your utility company might offer them. A 10% green-energy tax credit is available to those homeowners who get energy-star windows. To find out what rebates are available, visit Energy Star Rebate Finder.

Add a deck

Decks are highly sought after, especially if you live in Southern California where plentiful sunshine makes outdoor living a blessing. Deck projects can bring a return on investment in the range of 60 to 90% of the original cost. And the costs range wildly because there are so many options.

Some homeowners give serious thought to doing a DIY deck project, but bear in mind that not only could you get it wrong, but you could end up investing a lot more time. For the safest, most attractive results you cannot beat a professional home remodel contractor, who has the expertise, experience and equipment to carry out the project.

Insulate your home thoroughly

Home insulation plays a huge role in reducing the living and maintenance costs in a home. You can usually feel the leaking spots in winter or when the weather is especially windy. Attic hatches, basements, window and door areas, areas around sockets and switches and in recessed lighting are all prone to leaks. Also – any places where ducts and wires go outside the house.

Investing in insulation and maybe even a programmable thermostat is bound to give you and your future buyers bang for the buck. It’s more comfort plus lower utility bills. According to Energy Star, these thermostats can save homeowners around $180 on bills a year.

Routine maintenance

This is just plain common sense. Take good care of your home so that it stays solid and healthy for a long time to come. This home remodel checklist for top improvements is useless if you have mold raging somewhere in the house, if wood is rotting on your porch or if the roof is leaking. Taking care of everyday problems and keeping the home painted fresh is the first step to making your home attractive to buyers.