Prepare Your Home For Holidays And Guests

The best part of holidays is the get-together spirit. Sometimes that’s exactly the problem. If you are planning to have guests this season, be it for a dinner, a party or a short stay, get some head start with these tips that should relieve the stress of preparations and help you focus on the bright side of festivities.

Warm Welcome

Start with the front door, because that sets the first impression and expectations. You priority is to make the entryway traffic-efficient. To ensure that, remove any clutter and excessive personal items. Ensure there is enough space for your guests to hang their coats and jackets. However, add a touch of festivity by placing a wreath on the door or a potted plant beside it. A Poinsettia is always a safe and beautiful choice when it comes to Christmassy plants.

Functional Kitchen

When you are having guests round, you’re probably planning to do some cooking. Again, the two things that will help you most are: minimal clutter and necessities within reach. Go through the fridge and pantry and get rid of unnecessary things – that will provide space for what you cook and the leftovers.

Find the plates, platters and the rest of the holiday kitchenware you stocked at the end of the previous season. Clean it and place it within reach.

It’s a good idea to tighten any loose screws in the cabinets, since you’ll be using them more. Sharpening the knives is also advisable – avoid hacking the bird and look like a pro at the table.

When it comes to cleaning, save time by targeting only the most important areas. Clean the drip on the coffee machine with some warm water, a cloth and mild detergent. Check the dishwasher strainer and clean it from debris, detergent residue and slime. You could wipe the gaskets while you’re at it, too. Clean the microwave and the top burners on the stove.

Get-Together Stations

Make the seating arrangement in the living room inviting for conversation. Don’t stress over matching styles if you have to bring in some chairs, some disparity can look cute.

Anticipate the need to put down drinks and place tables in handy places. Put some drinking stations in room corners – some tray tables stocked with glasses, drinks and ice buckets will do the trick. Delectable nibbles at hand are always a treat.

Dim light

Light that is not too bright is always more pleasing – not only do people feel better, they also look better!

Neat Powder Room

Cleanliness and supplies are at the top of the list. When we are talking supplies, think of a wider range than toilet paper and soap – tissues, cotton balls, tampons, pads… To add a touch of elegance you can place a miniature vase with just a couple of flowers or a scented candle.

Comfortable Guest Rooms

Comfort is what everyone craves and what everybody remembers best about a home. Place some additional throws and blankets close by, so your guests don’t have to rake or worse, wake you up in the middle of the night, if they’d like some extra covers.

You could also stock the room with some light reading and tissues. Check the reading light to make sure it works.

Well, we hope this run-through gives you some useful hacks how to make holiday preparations less stressful. In the end, holidays are all about joy and happiness – so enjoy them in anticipation as much as when they arrive!