Energy Efficient Windows

We have all heard the term energy efficient windows, and we can all assume that these will help us save energy within our homes, but do you know what components go into an energy efficient window, and what they really are? Well, there are many factors that go into a window being energy efficient certified. How the frame is built, what glass type is used, whether it is single, double, or triple paned, the type of weather stripping in place, plus more! Let’s leave the other details to the experts, we get the basic gist by now.

Energy Efficient Windows by GGR Energy

Energy efficient windows can cost slightly more than the average window, but the energy efficient windows help save you from high energy costs. You will save money each year you have the energy efficient windows because they are helping you save on air conditioning or heating costs.  As with any shopping trip, you need to know what you are looking for and what you are working with. If you see an “Energy Star” seal on the window you are thinking of purchasing, it signifies that the window is certified independently and meets or exceeds the guidelines set by the US Department of energy.

Energy Efficient Windows by GGR Energy

Additional information on the label will tell you how well the window will keep heat from escaping, how much light will come in, and how well the window will be able to resist condensation build up on the interior of the surface. There are glazed and non-glazed windows, as well as different types of glass. As experts on all models of energy efficient windows, GGR Energy, is happy to help you curb your energy use! We will guide you through your purchase and can promise an improvement in your next energy bill. Act now and your new energy efficienct window can be part of an Energy Upgrade Rebate project, which can qualify you for up to $4,500 in rebates! Call us to find out how, or simply fill out our contact form!