Green Remodeling in your Bathroom, Kitchen and Utility Room

Energy-efficient homes are here and they are gaining in popularity, as the values of modern life shift toward eco-friendliness. The necessity for clean energy and sustainable living began to hit home as we are witnessing the severe depletion of fossil fuels. Being energy-efficient is not only a contribution to a better future, it is also a relief for your wallet. Have a look at our overview of tips on how to increase your home’s energy efficiency and how to reduce expenses. You can contact GGR Energy + Remodelling for some more customized green remodeling consultancy on how you can increase the comfort of your home and save at the same time.

Energy efficiency in the bathroom

It boils down to reducing the amount of water used. This lowers your water bills, but in a way, it reduces the electricity needed to move water. If you are using less water, less electricity needs to be produced to move the water to and from your house.

  • Change the shower valves – This move can reduce the amount of water you use to shower by half or more. And the best thing is that with new valves the water pressure won’t suffer, unlike before. So, you’ll use considerably less water without noticing it.
  • Efficient toilets – Dual-flush toilets are those with options for flushing less and more water. They have almost become the standard in newer homes. If you don’t have this toilet, you can install a flush convertor. Another option is a low-flush toilet which use 60 percent less water per flush than the old ones made in the 1980s. Another quick solution is using a tank displacement bag in the cistern which can reduce the water usage by nearly 20 percent.
  • Economical lighting – Bathrooms tend to be overly lit. You can reduce the number of lights in your vanity cabinet or replace them with LEDs. This will drastically impact the electricity bill.

Making the kitchen more energy-efficient

With the dishwasher, water heater, stove and refrigerator, your kitchen is a place of major energy consumption. But, small changes go a long way.

  • Efficient dishwasher – Modern dishwashers are usually quite efficient and consume an amount of energy similar to hand washing. But, how do you dry your dishes? Heated dry will waste a lot of energy that could be saved if you simply open your dishwasher and let the dishes drip dry. Also, check how long the wash cycle is. Try making it shorter without affecting the cleanliness. With some experimenting, you should hit the optimum duration. Run your dishwasher only when it’s full and to avoid streaks, be careful how you stack the dishes. Scrape them of leftovers and stack them facing inwards to ensure they are sprayed directly.
  • Efficient stove – Stove, and the oven especially, use most energy in your kitchen. If you are not a keen cook, you might want to consider getting a convection oven which can satisfy your needs, and simultaneously cut your electricity bills. If you have a stove top with drip pans, keeping them clean will reduce the necessary amount of electricity for your cooking. Getting the right coils for your stove top is also wise. And finally, pressure cookers will shorten the cooking time substantially.

Energy-efficient utility room

  • Washing machines – The least you can do is wash your laundry on cold settings. This will do just fine and it will shave off some additional costs on your electricity bill. If you are thinking of buying a new washing machine, give some serious thought to smart ones. They have sophisticated electronic systems that help you maximize the efficiency of every load.
  • Dryer – Living in a warm climate diminishes the need for a dryer. Why not buy a drying rack? They cost next to nothing, your home will not be heated by the dryer and you will pay less for electricity every month. Plus, your clothes won’t have static electricity, nor will they be as crumpled. If this is too difficult or you don’t have enough space, make your dryer more efficient by maintaining the lint trap, the vent and the sensor in clean condition.