Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Bill

Proper Insulation Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Bill

20081217-green-energyWhether you are a DIY (do it yourself) or a CAP (call a professional) homeowner, these tips on how to properly insulate your home will guide you in the right direction or help you hire the best professional.

Properly installing home insulation takes more than minor construction skills; there is a science behind turning your home into a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient environment. Improperly installed insulation can result in health issues due to mold issues and inferior air quality inside your home. Making this one of those projects where bringing in a professional may actually save you time and money in the long run.

How to Properly Install Insulation

Ted’s energy tips  warn of the dangers of improper insulation and offers detailed tips on how to do the job right. If you decide to do the job yourself, read Ted’s tips on his site in detail at least 3 times before you begin. If you decide to hire a professional, be sure they are trained in all aspects of building science.

  1. Air seal and reduce moisture in the attic before insulating to avoid condensation, mold, and wood rot.
  2. Disconnect humidifiers in properly insulated homes. Moisture will always find a place to go; usually up to the attic. This can damage the roof.
  3.  Know your insulation products. All insulation products are not created equal. The material used in the attic, will not work in the basement for example. Using the wrong insulation will result in moisture issues and may not be compliant with building code regulations.
  4. Shut the refrigerator door. Picture your house like a refrigerator. When the door is closed, it completely closes in the cold air and keeps out the warm air. If the door is left ajar, this concept goes, well, out the door. The same principle applies to your home. The more complex the design of your home the harder it will be to insulate it correctly to avoid gaps and ensure continuous protection.
  5. Packing it in. Ted often says “a house can never be too tight.” But even Ted admits this can be a huge mistake if fresh air and humidity are not taken into account and provided. Fresh air circulating throughout the home is a must to maintain a healthy atmosphere for your family.

Unless you are a contractor by trade and trained in the fine art of insulation installation, hiring a professional would be the wise choice. GGR Energy has been improving the energy efficiency, comfort, and safety of San Diego homes since 2008. Our project managers and home performance advisers are trained to incorporate building science into every project to ensure the job meets the highest standards.