Top Five Poway Home Additions for a Guaranteed Return on Investment

Top 5 Home Additions PowayLet’s outright say it, Poway is great. The climate, the lake, Blue Sky eco reserve… If you have ever lived here or visited for any length of time, you know it’s true. If you have a property here, you may consider yourself lucky. But what to do if your home becomes too small to accommodate all your needs? Leave? Sell your home, along with all the memories and familiarity of the neighborhood? There is an option of home additions in Poway, like in any other place.

If you are considering some home additions, it is possible you’ve already decided what to do, and how to do it. If not, if you’re still planning and considering, here’s a little top-five list of additions which are undoubtedly useful and well worth your time and money. And if you choose the right contractor, who uses green technologies and materials, these home additions will save you money on bills over time.

  1. A home office

I am starting with this one because it is most commonly requested. With the advent of superfast internet, many people now have the option of working from home; at least part time. However, it is sometimes impossible to have the peace and quiet one needs to focus on the job at hand. This is why some people decide to add a little home office to the existing floor plan of the house.

  1. Extra Bedroom

Along with the home office, a bedroom is quite a frequent home addition. In Poway, home additions of this type are actually very popular, seeing how families choose to keep the family home, and adapt it, rather than sell it. And who can blame them? Adding a bedroom ensures that all family members have their own space even if the original home plan didn’t take it into account.

  1. Home Theater

This one is more a matter of luxury and want, rather than need. However, if you work hard, and can afford such modification, who is to say that you can’t have your own home theater with a projector or a huge TV? All the amenities of a cinema with the familiarity of your own home. Hosting a Superbowl viewing party or screening a favorite movie to your select friends can be the highlight of your weekend. And if you are into gaming, imagine hooking up your gaming rig to the home entertainment system.

  1. Garage

It is unlikely that an American home doesn’t have a garage, yet it is possible. This type of home addition almost seems mandatory to us today. Scarcely is there an American household without at least one car. Especially in California, you need a garage to protect your car from the intense heat which may reflect badly on the paint of the car. And if your household has two cars, adapting and expanding the garage is also an option you should consider, provided the space allows it.

  1. Additional Bathroom

As your family grows and as children become more independent, having a single bathroom is simply not an option. They will want their privacy, you will want an unobstructed access to the bathroom at all times. A second (or even a third) bathroom will do the trick. This home addition is tricky due to the nature of the facilities associated with it. It needs to be attached to your water and sewage systems, as well as electricity, thus limiting where you can put it.

Who to contact for home additions in Poway?

All of these home improvements are somewhat costly, but if you consider the hassle of moving, selling, buying, realtors, they seem to be well worth time and money. And you get to keep your lovely neighborhood and home memories.

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